"We were not meant to sit on toilets" proctologist Michael Freilich famously told TIME magazine in 1978, after President Carter had hemorrhoid troubles. "We were meant to squat in the field".
Your body is designed to eliminate waste by squatting, not sitting. The reason for this is a bit of biological geometry. It is a known and proven fact that the toilets we use in our western society are a contributing factor to irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and even chronic bowel diseases through an unfavorable ergonomic posture of our 90° seating position.
A foot stool put in front of the toilet forces us into a healthier squat position which happens to provide an effective quick fix to the issue.

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The puborectalis muscle forms a sling around the lower rectum. Our body uses this muscle to prevent the sphincter from too much strain.




Sitting and standing tightens the puborectalis muscle like a bend in a garden hose, causing blockage to the rectum.



Squatting is our natural defecation posture since prehistory. it relaxes the puborectalis muscle allowing for an easier, faster and healthier elimination.
We hope you establish a new healthy habit by using your stuul regularly.


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One Cut Reviews - stuul review
"Very few of these toilet stools are particularly stylish. Let alone have they deserved a design prize. Stuul is completely different: Stuul combines the health benefits of a conventional toilet stool with the visual appeal of a modern design object. Above all, Stuul is convincing in practical tests: Since both footrests can be positioned flexibly, everyone is guaranteed to find the most comfortable position for defecation."
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One Cut Reviews - stuul review
"Stuul is stylish, can be stowed away to save space and turns the footrest for the toilet into a health-promoting design object.