The number of toilet stool owners is now in the millions and is steadily increasing worldwide, and with it the number of traveling toilet stool owners. These people are united by a very special phenomenon. It surprises them completely unexpectedly and unprepared when they are traveling. It happens when they go to the toilet in their hotel room or vacation apartment. Then they suddenly realize that something is missing. They miss their toilet stool, with which they have developed a fixed routine on the toilet at home. The feeling of a sudden interruption to this habit is best described as "toilet stool homesickness".

The power of habit in daily bowel movements

The daily bowel movement may be an everyday necessity for many, but for those who have experienced the transformative power of a toilet stool, it goes far beyond a simple habit. It's that wonderful moment when you place your feet on the toilet stool and feel everything in your bowels magically move into the right position. A ritual that not only relaxes the body, but also soothes the soul. Once you've got used to the benefits of this little helper in the bathroom, it's hard to imagine going to the toilet without it. The power of habit manifests itself here in an intimate act of self-love, which also becomes indispensable when traveling. After all, who wants to miss out on the proven symbiosis of toilet stool and harmonious bowel movement when traveling the world?

The challenge of traveling with a toilet stool

But as soon as you start traveling, the intimate relationship with your beloved toilet stool comes up against various challenges. For one thing, toilet stools are quite bulky and heavy and hardly fit in your luggage. Secondly, many toilet stool owners are embarrassed to carry their toilet stool under their arm when checking into a hotel, for example. The challenge of taking their beloved toilet stool with them becomes a dilemma between the need for comfort and the practical reality of traveling.

Stuul Toilet stool in Mirabelle on tour

Stuul - The toilet stool for carefree travel

When it comes to carefree travel, the stuul@ sets new standards and is an indispensable companion for all those who don't want to do without the comfort of their toilet stool they are used to when traveling. With its feather-light material, carrying bulky and heavy stools is a thing of the past. When folded up, it takes up hardly any more space in your luggage than a yoga mat, for example, or it can be carried casually over your shoulder with a shoulder strap.

But that's not all - the stuul@ is also discreet. At first glance, it looks like an inconspicuous item that is carried in your luggage and is not recognizable as a toilet stool in the slightest. This means that the stuul@ is not only light and compact, but also subtle and inconspicuous, perfect for discreetly checking into a hotel or apartment. No puzzled looks, no curious questions - with the stuul@, checking in becomes a relaxed pleasure and the toilet stool goes from being the secret star in the bathroom at home to an invisible companion when traveling.

Indispensable comfort on the go with the toilet stool

The feeling of not having to do without the familiar toilet stool when traveling not only ensures physical well-being, but also mental relaxation.

The use of the toilet stool is no longer limited to your own four walls, but becomes a personal moment of retreat in every hotel room, in every vacation apartment and even on adventurous camping trips. The tried-and-tested ritual of defecating with a toilet stool remains a reliable anchor that provides a sense of well-being even when away from home. The aforementioned longing for the toilet stool never arises.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn:

Anyone who already owns a stuul@ should definitely take it with them on their next trip. The stuul@ will become an indispensable travel companion that will take a permanent place in the heart (and luggage) of every traveler. After all, why go without the comfort you're used to when you can take your toilet stool with you wherever you go?