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Who we are.



JUUCE is a product development company that focuses on habit-forming design.

It is our mission to create and market innovative products that have the power to change peoples habits for the better.

Why are habits important and what is habit-forming design?

Our lives are complex. We have to make decisions all the time. Habits take this away from us in the majority of situations because they are executed automatically. The more good habits you can establish in your life, the easier it becomes and the better you feel in the long run. Therefore we want to create exciting products that act as triggers for new good habits.


The people behind

Daniel Kövary

"I enjoy every minute I spend working for the stuul. It really feels more like a hobby to me and that's actually the most beautiful thing about following your passion. My goal: In a few years, there will be - alongside the great the SquattyPotty from the USA - a second toilet stool brand that everyone knows: The stuul from Germany."

Philipp Benz

"I am a big stuul fan from the very beginning and proud to be customer No. 1. I've always followed the latest developments very closely and at some point I didn't want to just watch from the sidelines anymore, but actively contribute and support my friend Daniel in this fantastic project. Coming from a big corporate company, working on the stuul-project feels like a crash course in entrepreneurship. I love it!"

how it all started.

Our story

There are certainly topics that people would rather talk about than pooping.

However, bowel movements are far too important a topic to be tabooed, because, as we all know, health begins in the gut.

The positive medical effect of toilet stools was not only described very vividly by the non-fiction author and physician Giulia Enders in her bestselling book "Gut. The inside story of our body's most under-rated organ", but was also scientifically proven by a study conducted by Ohio State University.

Toilet stools are - without a doubt - a useful and valuable product, or so Daniel Kövary thought, and without thinking twice he bought a standard toilet stool for the bathroom at home. When his wife came home a little later and saw the white plastic piece in front of the toilet, there was a brief outcry and the brand new stool was banned from the bathroom again. As an interior designer, this stool was simply too ugly for her and not presentable for visitors.

However, this unsuccessful surprise eventually led to the development of the "stuul" toilet stool. Together with former BMW Designer Ralph Bremenkamp, Daniel re-invented this important piece of furniture from scratch.

stuul consists of two identical individual stools that can be inserted into each other like puzzle pieces to save space. Thus, at first glance, stuul is not at all recognizable as a toilet stool and becomes a modern health-promoting design object for the bathroom. In addition, it is produced climate neutrally in Germany and is 100% recyclable.