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as always, the natural way is the right way.

Change your daily routine. For good.

do yourself a favor, and

Sit less,
Squat more.

Our human body is designed to eliminate waste by Squatting - not Sitting.

✓ The puborectalis muscle forms a sling around the lower rectum. It wraps the last piece of the intestine like a horseshoe and bends it.

Sitting and Standing tightens the puborectalis muscle like a bend
in a garden hose, causing blockage to the rectum. It's a natural
unloading safety mechanism, so to speak ;-)

Squatting relaxes the puborectalis muscle allowing for an easier, faster and healthier elimination. Just as Mother Nature intended.

A valuable addition to your bathroom.

Enjoy your new toilet stool.

intuitive, lightweight, and warm

Easy to handle. Easy to love.


Lift your stuul.


Separate both stuuls.


Place your feet.

Re-inventing the toilet stool

Award-Winning Design

Our design has been awarded with the renowned Universal Design Consumer Award, the GOOD DESIGN® Award, and the IDA Design Award.

highest quality and production standards

Made in Germany

For us, it is important to understand the production processes in detail - especially with regard to sustainability aspects. So we have deliberately chosen to manufacture in Germany. 

Good reviews keep rolling in! ;-)

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as a perfect completion to our stuul

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