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CLASSIK Collection

Our CLASSIC collection blends unobtrusively and discreetly into any high-end luxury bathroom.

Stuul Toilettenhocker Candy-Collection mit Dermatest-Siegel und Design-Award-Abzeichen

CANDY Collection

Our CANDY collection is simply sweet and warm. The ideal complement for any stylish and homely bathroom.

Stuul Toilettenhocker Neon Collection mit Made in Germany und Design Awards Siegeln

NEON Collection

Our NEON collection is bright and colorful. It is perfect for adding that special something to your bathroom.

The right position for bowel movements.

Are you still sitting or already squatting?

do yourself a favor, and

Sit less,
Squat more.

Our human body is designed to eliminate waste by Squatting - not Sitting.

✓ The puborectalis muscle forms a sling around the lower rectum. It wraps the last piece of the intestine like a horseshoe and bends it.

Sitting and Standing tightens the puborectalis muscle like a bend
in a garden hose, causing blockage to the rectum. It's a natural
unloading safety mechanism, so to speak ;-)

Squatting relaxes the puborectalis muscle allowing for an easier, faster and healthier elimination. Just as Mother Nature intended.

Expert Interview with

Proctologist Dr. med. Daniel Sterzing

"By using the toilet stool, we adopt a squatting position on the toilet, which is much more natural and makes the whole emptying process much easier. Our western toilets are simply too high up for this physiological position. With a toilet stool, the feet are higher and the rectoanal angle is larger and therefore more optimal for emptying."

Daniel Sterzing, MD, is a surgeon, visceral surgeon and proctologist and works at the Proctology Centre Berlin.

A valuable addition to your bathroom.

The Toilet Stool against Hemorrhoids, Constipation, & Co.

intuitive, lightweight, and warm

Easy to handle. Easy to love.


Lift your stuul.


Separate both stuuls.


Place your feet.

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Hand-held bidet shower with "Zeitgeist"

BIDETLITY - The sustainable, aesthetic & mobile hand-held bidet shower. Rollable, CO2 neutral and with bio-plastic. For a world that can do better than toilet paper.