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Minimizing our ecological footprint.

we know our production partner personally and are in constant exchange.

100% Made in Germany

For us, it is important to understand the production processes in detail and to evaluate them with regard to sustainability aspects. That is why we have deliberately chosen to manufacture in Germany. 

The climate-neutral production takes place in a German production facility, which is verified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and works only with renewable energies. The manufacturing process is safe, innovative and environmentally friendly. By processing with pure water vapor, 96% of the resources needed in conventional plastic production are saved. 

Made from a unique and innovative material

100% Recyclable

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is one of the lightweights among polymer foams. With the lowest densities in the range of 20 to 200 kg/m3, EPP enables the use of fossil resources to be minimized because, in relation to the component volume, 75 to over 95 % of the molded part is filled by air.


The fact that the stuul consists of over 90% air alone allows us to save large quantities of material. We do not use plastic packaging and only use an environmentally friendly cardboard box.


Stuul is made entirely of the monomaterial EPP and is 100% recyclable. Returns can be fed back into the material cycle without loss.


The recycled content in all our stuuls is up to 25%. Stuul Ocean also consists of a high percentage of recycled waste from the maritime industry, such as discarded fishing nets and boxes.

Made from recycled material from end-of-life maritime industrial waste such as fishing nets and ropes.

100 % Innovative

Even in these challenging times we never tire of talking about our environment. We are very happily announcing the latest addition to our stuul® family: stuul® Ocean

We directly target marine pollution and make a positive contribution to the environment by pioneering the first premium consumer product made from expanded polypropylene using 15% recycled content from marine industry waste.

For more detailed information on this unique recyclable material, please visit the manufacturer's website.

About our packaging.

100% Holistic

You would probably expect this premium product to come in a premium package.

That‘s understandable and nowadays many big brands do exactly that. So this was also our first approach but we finally decided against it.

Our holistic approach on minimizing our ecological footprint also includes the topic of packaging. Here we act according to the guideline: „As much as necessary, as little as possible.“ Therefore, we completely avoid the use of plastic packaging and send the stuul only in a single cardboard box.

This box is also made of grass paper, which has many ecological advantages. Grass is a fast-growing raw material that conserves forests and can be produced with significantly less water consumption than conventional paper production. It consists of 40% grass content, with the remaining portion made from waste paper fiber. It is also 100% recyclable and compostable

Climate compensation

Via the following URL you can get further information about the compensation and the supported climate protection project:


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Sustainability related Media Reviews

Logo in schwarz-weiss des Blogs Green Urban Lifetyle mit Link zum Artikel über den stuul Toilettenhocker WC-Hocker Klohocker

Green. Urban. Lifestyle.

"Good to know: stuul is the only toilet stool that is produced in Germany in a climate-neutral way. In addition, the material is 100% recyclable. So if you ever want to dispose of your stuul (because maybe your dog gnawed on it), you can send it back to the production site so that it can be completely recycled without loss. That's what I call progressive."

Logo saniblog black and white mit Link zum Review des stuul WC-Hocker Klohocker toilet stool Toilettenhocker


"The material feels very valuable and just right. No China trash, no undefined, smelly plastics. The manufacturer even has the stuuls produced entirely in Germany. That is then also not quite insignificant for the eco-balance."