Our mission

Re-thinking the toilet stool.

what would the ideal toilet stool look like?

Starting from scratch

Our goal was to rethink the entire product category of toilet stools - from a pure design and user perspective. The new "stuul" should combine the benefits of a conventional toilet stool with the visual appeal of a modern design object.

The renowned and multiple award-winning product designer Ralph C. Bremenkamp did a fantastic job in terms of selecting the material and designing the object.

We wanted to use a material that was as light as possible and clearly stood out from the plastic bowls of the competition.

Two-piece is better than one-piece

Dissolving the typical shape of a stool

The real achievement, however, was to completely dissolve the shape of the stool by making it two-piece, thus breaking the mostly negative chains of association that arise when looking at a conventional toilet stool.

While at the sight of a commercial toilet stool one usually immediately thinks further and wonders from which intestinal diseases the owner probably suffers, one does not recognize the actual intended purpose at first sight when looking at our stuul.

You see a kind of design object and wonder at most what purpose it might have.

Are there innovative materials with superior properties?

Finding the right material

We then found what we were looking for in EPP. EPP stands for "expanded polypropylene" and has numerous unique properties. For example, it consists of over 90 percent air and so always attains room temperature

Our high tech material is warm, soft, neutral to the skin and unaffected by exposure to most chemicals. It also has a very high strength-toweigh ratio, withstands impacts without damage and won’t leave any scratch marks on the floor. 

The rich form, texture and surface shaping is interesting to look at from all angles and it purposefully underlines its innovative character. We are pushing the boundaries set by manufacturing restrictions ensuring a premium look and feel as well as a long lasting quality.

Let's go!

Get your own stuul now.


Design Media Reviews

Logo des Design-Blogs Yanko-Design mit Link zum Artikel über den stuul Toilettenhocker

Yanko Design

"With a design-conscious approach, the stuul is styled less as a clinical product and more as something fitting of being in your well-decorated bathroom."

Logo Her1_Toilettenhocker-WC-Hocker_Klohocker_toilet-stool


"Very few of these toilet stools are particularly stylish. Let alone have they deserved a design prize. Stuul is completely different."

Logo saniblog black and white mit Link zum Review des stuul WC-Hocker Klohocker toilet stool Toilettenhocker


"In my opinion, the stuul® toilet stool is the best toilet stool that you can currently buy in Germany. The design is well thought out and makes sense. The shape of the toilet stool is perfect from my point of view. I don't see what I would want to change about it. Every detail, every side has the right surface texture that allows a good grip."

Logo des Design-Blogs Feeldesain mit Link zum Review des stuul Toilettenhockers


"This unique toilet stool design looks like a sculpture: is out of the way when not in use. It doesn’t come with the strange stigma many people still associate with toilet stools today through its neutral and unobtrusive architecture."

Logo des Blogs Inspirationfeed in schwarz-weiss mit Link zum Artikel über den stuul Toilettenhocker Klohocker WC-Hocker toilet stool


"This stylish seating furniture is suitable for every bathroom and every toilet, no matter how small, and is particularly impressive in terms of material and design."

Logo des Blogs Distld mit Link zum Artikel über den stuul Toilettenhocker WC-Hocker Klohocker toilet stool


"Designing a better Squatty Potty is Stuul's business, and we can certainly say that have that end covered. Stuul is the toilet stool that you're not embarrased to keep out."

Logo in schwarz weiss des Blogs Imboldn mit einem Bericht über den stuul Toilettenhocker WC-Hocker Klohocker toilet stool review


"The discreet design makes this toilet stool a much more attractive option that the infamous Squatty Potty. That material makes the Stuul comfortable and keeps it from adding any wear and tear to your tiles."

Logo One Cut Reviews in schwarz-weiss_Toilettenhocker-Review

OneCut Reviews

"While, there are competitor products out there that do something similar, none look quite as discrete and may we even say sexy than Stuul does."


"The 'Stuul' bathroom stool is a design-conscious piece of furniture for the home that will help to enhance the aesthetic of a space and also with optimizing the health of the user."