Hygienic & clean

Do something good for your intimate area: Thorough cleaning only with water.

Gentle & soft

Cleansing for sensitive or irritated skin, e.g. irritable bowel syndrome or hemorrhoids.

CO2 neutral

All emissions caused by raw material extraction, production, transport and disposal are offset.

Intimate shower

During pregnancy, childbed, menstruation or simply for daily well-being.

Environmentally friendly

Less paper, more flora and fauna. For every bidet sold, the manufacturer plants five trees.


Reduces the consumption of toilet paper and saves money.

Mobile & space-saving

Works without electricity. It can be folded very space-saving to take with you on any vacation.


Replaces toilet paper, wet wipes, and costly installed bidets.

Highly recommended

We at stuul. think BIDETLITY is a wonderful product and the perfect completion to ours. Not only very stylish but also very useful and practical. From us there are two thumbs up!

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