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Toilet stool - a must-have for every bathroom

In the world of modern bathroom accessories, the toilet stool has taken an indispensable place. This innovative accessory is far more than just an addition - it revolutionizes the way we sit on the toilet. A toilet stool, also known as a toilet stool or loo stool, offers an optimized squatting position that is based on the natural anatomical features of our body.

Using a toilet stool results in a slightly angled squatting position, which opens up the intestinal tract and promotes natural flow. This improved position not only makes bowel movements easier, but also prevents constipation and other digestive problems. The toilet stool therefore not only promotes bowel health, but also helps to make going to the toilet more efficient and pleasant.

Toilet stools are available in various designs, from traditional models to modern designs, to suit individual needs. Choosing the right toilet stool is crucial. After all, only if you can enjoy your new helper every day will you use your new toilet stool regularly and thus change your seating habits permanently.

With increasing awareness of the importance of healthy bowel function, the toilet stool is becoming an indispensable part of every bathroom. Invest in the health of your bowels and make the stuul toilet stool an integral part of your bathroom furnishings. See for yourself how this simple but effective accessory can improve your toilet routine and why it is no longer an insider tip, but a must-have for every bathroom.

What others say about us - real customer feedback from happy stuul owners

In the world of modern toilet comfort, the stuul is becoming increasingly popular as a toilet stool, and the voices of our customers speak for themselves. The feather-light, flexibly positionable and always pleasantly warm companions are not only stylish and chic, but also extremely practical.

If you are interested, please read our customer reviews. The customer testimonials make it clear why the stuul is so enthusiastically received as a toilet stool. One key aspect is the combination of attractive design and functional properties. Customers appreciate the stuul's feather-light yet stable construction. The ability to adjust the feet individually is highlighted as a particularly pleasant and innovative feature. The use of high-quality materials, such as recycled marine plastic in the Ocean version, is valued as a sustainable added value. The ease of cleaning, the lack of lint accumulation and the always fresh and clean appearance after prolonged use are further plus points highlighted by customers.

Overall, the stuul is not only perceived as a stylish toilet stool, but also as a product that makes everyday life in the bathroom more efficient, pleasant and sustainable. These authentic opinions show that the stuul is not just a toilet stool, but an indispensable element that revolutionizes toilet comfort and creates real fans.

Sustainability - more than just a marketing phrase for us

At stuul, we don't see sustainability as just a marketing phrase, but as an integral part of our corporate philosophy. Our toilet stool is manufactured 100% in Germany, in a climate-neutral production facility that is verified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 and uses only renewable energy. Our unique manufacturing process saves 96% of resources compared to conventional plastic production, without the use of plasticizers or other additives.

Our stuul toilet stool is made of 100% EPP mono-material and is fully recyclable. Over 90% of its material consists of air, which not only minimizes the environmental impact but also reduces material consumption. We completely dispense with plastic packaging for shipping and use environmentally friendly cardboard instead. The recycled content is up to 25%, and our Ocean toilet stool even consists of a high percentage of recycled waste from the maritime industry.

Our holistic approach is also reflected in our packaging. We use grass paper, which is not only ecologically beneficial, but also 100% recyclable and compostable. The absence of plastic packaging and the use of sustainable materials reflect our commitment to environmentally friendly production. At stuul, sustainability is not just a promise, but a conviction we live by, expressed in every aspect of our toilet stool.