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Introduce your audience to a unique piece of design furniture that is as sustainable as it is stylish, and what's more, good for their health!

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Why stuul?

stuul® is an innovative wellness product aiming at changing your toilet habits for a healthier experience. We aim at turning it into a lifestyle-oriented object to fit premium bathroom interiors with the ultimate goal to increase acceptance and generate desirability for this important product category. 

how you can help us with this.

Who do we look for?

Do you like what we do and have an active following on Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok or your own blog or podcast? We are looking for creative minds who are passionate about sustainability, creating healthy routines, and interior design. It is important to us that you enjoy your work and create and share valuable content.

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How do we do it?

We offer our stuul for free testing to everyone we start a collaboration with. If you want to share your good experience with your audience, we can discuss further individual collaboration opportunities.

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If you are interested in stuul or would like to learn how we can help you create more awareness around gut health, bathroom design and sustainability, simply contact us via the contact form.